With time welded wire mesh machine have replaced the traditional concrete fencing process to a great extent. Welded wires are mostly seen to be used in stadiums and parking spaces although nowadays people are also using it for security purposes in their houses. If you are a wire mesh manufacturer you must be known to the process behind the making of it. It includes various machines including the use of lathe and transformers. These machines mostly work on electrical energy in order to accomplish the task of welding wires.

What Is Welded Wire Mesh Exactly?

Welded wire mesh or welded wire fabric is basically a wire screen made from low carbon screen or stainless steel wire. This sort of mesh is commonly used in industrial, agricultural, transportation and food procuring sectors. It is also seen to be used in mines, gardening and other such places for protection. Weldmesh term is given to the kind of fencing used as a barrier and is in the shape of square, rhombus or rectangular mainly developed from steel wire. Now there are varieties in welded mesh too based on the structure, characteristics, and use of it. Some common types of wire mesh are welded wire fabric (WWF), Electro galvanized welded mesh, hot-dipped galvanized welded mesh, PVC coated welded mesh, welded stainless steel mesh, welded steel bar gratings, and welded wire fencing.

What Are The Various Types Of Wire Mesh Machines?

Secure fencing products provide various types of fencing machines and welded mesh machines. All our fencing and welding mesh machines are based on the advanced and latest technology. The first-class equipment used in the machine ensures the production of high quality and long-lasting wire grid. There are various types of welded mesh machines such as crimped wire mesh machine, welded wire mesh machine, and hexagonal wire mesh machine. Every machine has its own benefits and features, for example, the benefit of the crimped welding mesh machine is that it can be divided into both semi-automatic and fully automatic chain link machine. The hexagonal mesh machine is used for producing wire netting in the hexagonal pattern. The most common and the most effective, the welded wire mesh machine is known for its high stability, low noise and maintenance. It can produce all sizes of welded wire grid and from both carbon steel wire and welding galvanized steel wire.

Material Used In The Making Of Welded Wire Mesh

The most popular type of material used in the manufacturing of welded wire grid is a stainless steel alloy. This alloy is made in a way and from such elements including nickel, chromium, copper, carbon, and nitrogen that it shows some significant chemical and mechanical changes. These changes make the alloy more resistant to cracking, eventually making it more durable. The alloy material we use in our welding wire mesh machines is not only durable but also anti-corrosive. There is normally no chance of corrosion for three to four years although after that it’s not uncommon. To prevent corrosion in the same, you can coat the material either with nickel or PVC. This will make them last longer preventing corrosion for another ten years.

Advantages Of Welded Wire Mesh Machine

As we said above, welded wire mesh machines are the most common and reliable mesh machines available at the time. The thing about fully automatic welded mesh machine is that it integrates both mesh discharge and repair functions. You won’t need more than one labor in the procedure and all the work can be done simply with a button. Moreover, you can manufacture wire grids of any length and that too in a seamless way. The machine can be adjusted for manufacturing almost all types of mesh and all the settings can be accessed from the touch panel. Once set accordingly and turned on, there’s nothing left to do and you just need to wait there for the weld wire grid to get ready. We provide various welded wire machines with top-notch features and for the best price possible. Customization for the machines is also available and you can request our engineers for any extra feature. Some of the characteristics of our fully automatic welded wire grid machines are given below:

These machines are fast and efficient and the wire mesh can be shipped or used as soon as it is ready. You don’t even need to feed the machine with the wire as it is automatically fed by the machine and that too at the same time which not only saves your time but efforts also.

Another best thing about these machines is that it can manufacture mesh from any type of wire that includes galvanized wire, a stainless steel wire or even black wire. The motor and the multiple gears are strong enough to process any raw material and mold it into the best ever welded wire grid.
The welding machine can not only tolerate multiple workloads but the cooling transformer will also prevent the machine from overheating. You can put up to three mesh rolls at a time which will eventually save you time and money.

You can simply adjust the length of the wire from the easy to access counter switch. It will let you adjust as well as set the mesh roll length. There’s a control panel in the front with properly labelled switches. Each switch has a LED light indicator which makes it easier to set its settings. Apart from all these, the machine is also equipped with adjustable welding transformers, welding time and current.


Welded wire mesh is used in many sectors and there’s a huge process behind the making of wire mesh. Different types of wire mesh are manufactured differently and using different types of machines. The most common and effective machine used for the making of weldmesh is the fully automatic welded wire mesh machine. It is not only effective and durable but can manufacture mostly all sort of grids. Only one labour is need to switch on the machine and all can be simply from a control panel.

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